giovedì, luglio 27, 2023

"Sculpting the wind" - 8th July - 8th October 2023 I mudaC Museo delle Arti Carrara

A project by Francesco Bartoli

Curated by Laura Barreca

Myth and memory, landscape and sculpture, technology and art are just some of the themes and concepts that have emerged in these intense and complicated years of research in and around Carrara. A stubborn curiosity that prompted me to visit a complex place to discover its historical, human and social resources, but also to lose myself completely in its problems and contradictions.

And it is from this necessary and harmonious chaos, of echoes of the past and new inspirations, studies of sculpture and unstable landscapes, that the idea of ​​constructing a poetic film arises. This film is dedicated to the artistic materials and to the relationship between men and the landscape that they inhabit, live and that in this case shape incessantly. A bond, the one between men and the landscape of the Apuan Alps, that has consumed both for centuries. It is as if this territory were destined to disappear prematurely, guilty in spite of itself, of the eternal beauty kept in its bowels. 

Francesco Bartoli 

"Sculpting the wind" I Solo show at mudaC - Museo delle Arti Carrara

Francesco Bartoli, "Sculpting the wind" 2023 I Installation view at mudaC I Museo delle Arti Carrara