domenica, settembre 06, 2015

“IF” (2013)

Francesco Bartoli, 2014 

The idea to explore the boundaries of the act of drawing, started with my video sculpture “Residual Shapes” (Glasgow 2012) and continued with the video drawing “Borders” (London 2013). In these two cases, the final videos are the results of a series of performances in which drawing is the protagonist, but drawings are not the final “product”. On the other hand, with “IF”,  I try to turn the pure act of drawing in a sort of installation that can be related with a given space. In this case  the drawings will come out directly from the walls, like short stories caught on them.
I’m looking forward to develop this series in a bigger space, in order to experiment its huge potential.

Francesco Bartoli, 2014 


Richard Tuttle once said that artists are like clouds.
I really believe that some works that you cannot realize come out from the very inside, but sometimes they just remain gestures and forms that rapidly disappear. Therefore, this kind of embryonic works are just something that you can remember or somehow display in a very special way.
“IF” is a series of playful wall drawings works that are ready to become breaks on walls or even clouds in the sky, but in the meantime are just childish toys in my humble hands.

Francesco Bartoli 2014