lunedì, aprile 14, 2014

SOSPIRI (2014)

It is a quite complex and complete installation composed by a Video Performance, two HD Videos, a Photograph and 60 Drawings using pencil and oil pastel.


 “Sospiri” comes from a delicate moment, when recently I decide to move to Italy, I’m in a sort of physical transition now, so the work reflects on this no “permanent” situation I’m living in.
Somehow this work analyze the artist figure through the artist’s body in a special way I think.
The body here is presented as a learning tool, deconstructed and fractured, it shows its limits and its inability…so at the end the body becomes a sort of matrix, a sign and an active presence in a given space. A body that seems to say: I’m here and through my borders I get to know the world out there…the others.

Sospiri, Francesco Bartoli 2014

In two of the three videos that compose this series, the hands become balloons that have already lost they usefulness. The third video is a performance that represents a self-portrait. In it, you can see me lying down, changing moments of happiness with other of seriousness.

Sospiri, Francesco Bartoli 2014

Drawing is a fundamental medium for my art investigation, but I would like to say that it is not the medium I use to analyze the “world”, rather is like the opposite, it is my way to escape from reality.
In fact, for me drawing is like dreaming…like a trip under my skin, under the surface of things.
My drawings come from my imagination but also come from texts, poems, books or even dreams, basically they are more often the results of visual connections I create along the day.

But the act itself of drawing is more similar to the act of dreaming; I’m lost in a sort of trip, I’m kind of suspended and this process is very interesting, because when I stop drawing is like to open the eyes again.

Sospiri, Francesco Bartoli 2014

Francesco Bartoli