martedì, dicembre 23, 2014

Il Paesaggio Spezzato (The Broken Landscape)

Il Paesaggio Spezzato is an installation composed by 32 sculptures made from cardboard and little pieces of wood. When recently I came back to Italy I had the needs to look at the Italian landscape and more specifically at the concept of “broken landscape”. I wanted to work primarily with something related with our vibrant past, but that could also be connected with the present.

Francesco Bartoli (2014)

Thus, this multidisciplinary installation comes out from the confrontation with my territory…it reminds a landscape, but can also be seen like an urban suburb.
This work was a challenge to me, not only because today is difficult to approach the theme of landscape without doing a cliché, but also because in this work I wanted to use all the media that I have been used over the last years. 
Which are photography, painting, drawing and installation.