domenica, ottobre 28, 2012

Innocent stage

DANCE, 2012

Frame from "Dance", Francesco Bartoli 2012
<< I think the poetry brings us to a pure sense of contact with our feelings. At the same time it does have a strong literary expression; but the most important thing is that it brings us to the innocent stage in which imagination and language can be most vulnerable and at the same time most penetrating. >> A.W.

DANCE, video creation 5' 37'' 2012
Francesco Bartoli 2012


Going for a walk in the streets of any South Korean city is like suddenly finding oneself in an endless intersection of intoxicating roads. Before getting involved in any creative project, I found it convenient to ask myself a key question: what should I fixate my attention on? I decided to concentrate on the silence and minimal actions of those persons that enliven the dynamic Korean society. 

Frame from "Short stories about Korea", Francesco Bartoli 2012

I created these works during the five weeks I spent in the city of Gwangju, on the occasion of its’ important art Biennale. Far from trying to understand the Story of this country, my intention was to create a series of short stories with varying degrees of social relevance that would talk about the routine and tasks in a Korean metropolis.  From the first moment, I considered the appropriateness of inspiring my work on anonymous stories, on subjects that, regardless of their “normality”, could reveal something important about that unknown place to me. 

Short stories about Korea, documentary 18'25'' 2012

In a society where the frenetic production of technological “objects” and the enactment of old traditions are mixed to the point of being blended, each ordinary step through the usual streets becomes a new discovery. The markets, the public transport, the sensation of living in a continuous periphery –in spite of being in an urban centre–, make the images that compose this project travel from one atmosphere to another, in a culture that, as I see it, navigates between a burning westernization and the survival of indigenous customs.