mercoledì, ottobre 07, 2015

Drawings 2013

The work Borders, Video 4’ 15’’(London 2013) is based on the idea to create simple works that can explore the fragile boundaries between sculpture and drawings, performance and video, reality and fiction.

BORDERS, video creation 4’ 15’’, London 2013
Francesco Bartoli 2013
The video piece tries to reflect about the concept of borders in a more poetic way. The video shows two bodies lying one on other that create a flexible line (a conceptual drawing) that slowly becomes a piece of paper with a sketch on it.

Frames from Borders, Francesco Bartoli 2013
During the creation of this work I was obsessed with the idea of distance, the real physical space that my ex partner and I had created when we split. We were still living in the same city but there was a “spot” between us.
This space appeared on my mind like a sort of imaginary border that had it’s own changeable lengths and shapes. The line that comes out from the union of these two bodies can be seen like a drawing that reveals the border. In other words it’s presence divides the two bodies but at the same time it’s the result of their union.  A real border made by two people who are trying to know each other.